Is menopause in the workplace training suitable for my organization? 

Absolutely. Every organization has a responsibility to support their colleagues and build awareness regarding menopause, irrespective of size or business specialism. We can work with your organization to create a program suited to your needs and culture. 

Would this training make people feel awkward or uncomfortable? 

We understand that historically menopause has been viewed as a taboo subject and some people may feel uncomfortable talking about it. We will work with your employees to make them feel comfortable and relaxed, so that any awkwardness is short-lived. We pride ourselves on creating an environment of openness and warmth, where people share their own experiences and feel they can ask anything at all. 

Would it be possible to tailor a program for my business and audience? 

Of course! Every organization is different, and we are happy to reflect that in your program design. We have had great success in doing this with previous clients. We also offer our standard programs for those clients who want an impactful ‘off the shelf’ approach. 

Isn’t menopause a niche topic, relevant for just a few people? 

Not at all. 51% of the population will go through menopause at some point in their lives. Everyone will be impacted in some way. 
We know that 75% of women will have symptoms and 25% will have severe symptoms. Menopause can happen at any age and also impacts trans and non-binary colleagues. This has huge implications for employers who need to retain talented colleagues. Menopause awareness enables greater levels of colleague support, positive organisational cultures, retention and promotion of experienced people who are critically important to your business. 
Currently, 1 in 10 women leave the workforce during the menopause and this has negative implications for organisational cultures & performance, plus the individuals concerned. 
Men are also impacted psychologically by menopause as leaders, colleagues, partners, and sons. Understanding menopause helps challenge stereotypes and equip male colleagues to support those in their work and home lives who are experiencing menopause. 

We want to start small with our menopause awareness. Is that OK? 

Absolutely, we understand that you might want to pilot menopause awareness with a specific target audience, prior to a larger scale roll-out. We are happy to support you with that. 

We are having some push back talking about menopause openly. How can Thrive Leadership help? 

We have a great deal of corporate experience and understand that it may be difficult to get menopause on the radar. We can help you communicate the human impacts of menopause as well as the commercial impacts and risks of ignoring it. We will be happy to partner with you to make the case and create a compelling vision around why providing menopause awareness is a ‘no brainer’. We know that when we get this right there are powerful benefits to employee engagement, performance, retention, diversity & inclusion and belonging. 

Are your programs just about menopause? 

We have a great deal of experience in leadership and employee engagement and these lenses are applied to all of our programs. For example, our leadership program goes beyond menopause and explores what leadership behaviour is required to support colleagues during any difficult time. We make this practical and offer guidance that the leaders can implement immediately after leaving the session. 

How can I find out more? 

We love talking about menopause awareness and our mission is to increase understanding and normalise the conversation. We care deeply and want to help you create positive change in your workplace. 
We would be delighted to talk to you, irrespective of what stage you are at, about embarking on menopause awareness in your organization. 
If you just need a sounding board to bounce ideas off, get in touch. If you’d like to book a slot with us, you can book it HERE
The ever-changing menopause landscape is costing our colleagues and organisations dearly. Speak to us today about how we can help. 

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Our Details 

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