I’ve never totally subscribed to the fact that ‘knowledge is power’ but when it comes to menopause, I stand corrected. 
There is a popular misconception that women know about the menopause before it happens to them but it’s not true. In fact: 
Only 1 in 4 women feel prepared for the menopause. 
46% of women have never heard of the perimenopause. 
42% of women know nothing or very little about the emotional & mental impacts of the menopause. 
2 out of 3 women feel blindsided by the menopause. 
What is interesting is that women who feel more prepared for the menopause transition tend to cope better and feel more positive about it. 
Unfortunately, many women do not connect the dots about symptoms they are having and the menopause. “Surely I’m too young”, “I’m depressed and anxious, not menopausal”, “I am suffering with fatigue because I have a busy life”. 
The perimenopause starts when oestrogen levels start to fluctuate and drop. We have oestrogen receptors throughout our bodies, and we need it for much more than reproduction. That is why we start having lots of diverse symptoms. 
As employers we have an important role in empowering all colleagues to understand the menopause. We know that when we do this, colleagues feel better, cope better and are more likely to stay and make a valuable contribution to our organisation. A great outcome for all parties. 
What are you doing to build awareness in your leaders and colleagues? 
Are you creating a culture where menopause can be discussed in a supportive manner? 
Are you building knowledge so that colleagues feel empowered to find the right medical and leadership support? 
I think you’ll agree that this research from the Britain Thinks/ My Menopause Centre speaks for itself. 
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